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Topics Discussed: How to repair defective DNA, or  damaged DNA..

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The Benefits of DNA Perfecting  Antioxidants
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  • Why the Atomic Particle Size and Not Large Surface Areas are Important(The smaller, the better)

DNA perfection with Atomic Particle Colloidal Elements

DNA is the fundamental building block of human life; this is that molecule
 in the human cell that regulates growth, functioning, development and
 reproduction of people and all other living organisms. 

The The word DNA is the abbreviation used for Deoxyribonucleic Acid; 
this may seem to be a very simple part of a cell, but the entire human life 
is dependent on it since every important function of the body is related to 

DNA disorders are a very prominent topic that needs to be seriously
 investigated. The best and most natural way out of a DNA disorder very
 well may be with the help of atomic particle colloidal products with 
different elements like Monatomic Gold, Atomic Particle Ruthenium, 
Palladium, Platinum, Iridium, Rhodium, and much more. 

Studying the effects of Atomic Particles on Water Molecule Structures
What are DNA Disorders? 

DNA disorders are those disorders which happen due to the genetic disorders, defects, and changes in the molecular and physical structure of the DNA. This transpires due to many reasons the first one is that it is inherited from the parents by the children and the second reason is due to GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), GMO Vaccines, free radicals, and pollutants. 

When we were born, we were inoculated with vaccinations that are designed to keep away diseases that plagued humanity in the past. Laws were set in place to forcefully add those vaccination into our bodies. These vaccinations are nothing but genetically modified germs and viruses designed to kill other microorganisms and viruses.

However, unconfirmed reports have surfaced that they may have also disrupted our metabolism, to the point where our DNA is so discombobulated and not functioning as our Creator designed our bodies to function., thereby reducing our life spans.

Germs, Viruses, Bacteria, and even parasites have consumed the elements that we were naturally born with throughout the years as we grew up, such as Gold, Platinum, Iridium, Rhodium and Ruthenium as well as other essential non-noble metals.

So by the time we start turning 35, severe aging begins to occur, depending on how you grew up, the aging can be more noticeable than others. 

Our bodies are designed to live past one hundred of years, if you stop and think about it, how did our ancestors live 1000 years or so?  

Their DNA was perfect and not distorted and corrupted as ours is today. Each of our human cells is supposed to replicate, like for like, but if our cells are sick, or modified due to disrupted DNA and a corrupted food supply, well our cells will replicate, but they will replicate diseased cells instead of good healthy cells.

But thanks to modern technology and research these problems may soon be controllable, and if treated properly with the Right Atomic Particle Noble Metals Dietary Supplements, the problems may be corrected or eradicated.

Atomic particle Ruthenium 

This is probably one of the best naturally occurring elements on the face the of the earth. The element Ruthenium has various applications in the world now. It is known for its ability to correct the defects that are related to DNA as it can interact very closely with the molecules and Telomeres. This helps to repair DNA which means that this may be great for fighting Heart, Diabetes, Degenerative Diseases, and may be extremely helpful for fighting diseases like cancer and tumors. 

Ruthenium is also is also used as an anti-aging agent in various creams and products that have been manufactured by many companies worldwide. The advantage our products are that the atomic particles are so small that they easily assimilate into the layers of the skin and reacts with the cells inside as well as outside the human body. This in return may reduce the signs of aging and dying cells as it rejuvenates them. 

DNA Perfections 

DNA perfection can only happen when you take the right step in care for your body. The particles made up of Gold, Iridium, Platinum and Ruthenium are God’s gift to humankind which should be used in a proper way so that all can benefit from them. 

You may not have any clue about that what this element may have in worth and value to
 humanity, but maybe now you do.  

Not all particles size work the same, when looking for the right product, you must have 
Atomic Particles Size for the bioavailability to fight off the age-causing free radicals.

Consider our products! No Chemicals from Start to finish are ever used, the smallest 
size achievable in the history of dietary supplements, and the highest PPM of very 
absorbable elements!Atomic particle Ruthenium 

Ruthenium is also is also used as an anti-aging agent in various creams and products 
that have been manufactured by many companies worldwide. 

The advantage our products are that the atomic particles are so small that they easily 
assimilate into the layers of the skin and reacts with the cells inside as well as outside the 
human body. This in return may reduce the signs of aging and dying cells as it rejuvenates 
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