Understanding Colloidal Silver Dosage Requirements

Colloidal Silver Dosage Facts For Atomic Particle Products
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Understanding Colloidal Silver Dosage Requirements:
  • Why Atomic Particles are not the same as Nanoparticles 
  • Understanding the differences with Atoms and Ions 
  • Why Atoms are more stable and effective than Ions or Nanoparticles. 
If you have not read the other pages on particles size, atoms vs nanos, then it's imperative that you understand that the following: 

1.  Nanoparticle Silver Has the lowest PPM and the largest particle size. (Nanoparticles are over hundreds of thousands of times larger than an atom and vary in size 5 nm to 300 nm).

2.  Nanoparticles are saturated with chemicals which are needed to help the particles float.

Those two factors are why THEY have been accused of being toxic because the large nanoparticles get stuck in the kidneys, liver, and our largest organ, the human skin.
Recommended Dosages for Nanoparticle Colloidal and Ionic Silver solutions:

In published materials on recommended dosages of  nanoparticles, it's been stated that a teaspoon of 15 PPM provides approximately 75 mcg of silver and is considered a “nutritional” amount if taken on a daily basis. At 300 mcg a day (amounts above four teaspoons), are reported to be “therapeutic” according to some nanoparticle colloidal silver producers.  

Some therapists recommend taking double or triple this amount for 30 to 45 days. Then it is suggested to drop to the maintenance dose. If used as an antibiotic substitute, adults and children over 12 years are told to ingest one, two, or three teaspoons of nanoparticle Colloidal Silver three times a day and for younger children half of this amount.

Even though we have the Highest PPM Reading Concentrations in the world they are by no means Toxic, here is why:

Atomic Particles DO NOT react the same way with testing methods used to detect nanoparticles. They're 10 -20 Times smaller than a 1 nm particle, and hundreds of thousands of times smaller than a 6 nm nanoparticle and are difficult to detect with conventional instruments.

To conduct unbiased Colloidal Silver Laboratory Test, we enlisted the services of the world’s largest testing facility to:

1.   Confirm PPM Concentration with a TDS Meter.
2.   Convert the Atomic Particles into nanoparticles and see what the CONVERTED ATOMS would be if they were transformed   into nanoparticles and thus produce a converted nanoparticle TDS Reading

The test shows that even though we have super high PPM Concentration, we never exceed the Minimum RDA values that apply to Nanoparticle products. So our products are very safe, couple that with nonchemical production, they are the safest!
The independent laboratory testing of our products reported no chemicals in any of our solutions. 

These tests confirmed the metallic element content and the high PPM concentration that we claim to have in our products.

This means that atomic silver particles will never get stuck in the kidneys or liver. 

They would be naturally excreted along with 30 billion other cells that are no longer of any nutritional value. 

This would  occur on a daily basis avoiding virtually all toxic side effects that have been reported with the use of ionic and nanoparticle colloidal silver products.
Silver atoms can penetrate pathogens better than nanoparticles
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Topic Discussed: The difference of the colloidal silver dosage as it applies to nanoparticles and atomic size particles

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Common RDA Standards of Medicinal Dispensation:

  • ​Milligram:      A Milligram is a unit of mass or weight equal to one thousandth of a gram. 
  • Microgram:   A Microgram (μg) is a derived metric measurement unit of mass.  The microgram is equal to one-millionth of a gram.
  • Nanogram:   A Nanogram (ng) is a derived metric measurement unit of mass.   The nanogram is equal to one-billionth of a gram. 
  • Nanometer:  A Nanometer (nm) is a derived metric measurement unit of mass. The nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter.
Stanford University Engineering Departments Proof of High PPM of Atomic Silver Particles inside of nanoparticles.
5 nm Silver Particle - You can clearly  see it is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny specs which are Silver Atoms.
Suggested Use of Our Fine Products

Whenever you are dealing with extraordinary critical circumstances sometimes you may have to take drastic measures to overcome the insurmountable odds, as many have on our testimonials page.

We know that viruses and bacteria can cause severe diseases that can change a person's life in the blink of an eye.

When our country goes to ground war, they usually first send in the Marines. That can be related to using Silver first.  

There is a lot of good sounding but confusing information on the internet that can deter your recovery time.

For example, There are "Antibiotics" and "Probiotics" and we know that antibiotics are meant to destroy harmful bacteria, right? Then what do you think "Probiotics" does? Exactly! It may feed the bacteria, good and bad.

Many people make the mistake of using supplements that are supposed to boost the immune system to try to fight off germs and diseases caused by them and at the same time unknowingly feed the enemy with probiotics or other metabolism building supplements such as Gold, Iridium, Platinum and more.

First send the Marines, after the war is over then you can start rebuilding the destruction (Metabolism) that was affected by the enemy. 

To have the best recovery time, always SILVER First.

If you do not have any sickness or disease but just want to use the products as maintenance doses then its ok to create your blends as you like.

The Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver Dosages: minimum RDA values have not been established

With the above calculations taken into consideration, it would take millions of atoms times the micron amount to get the minimum RDA requirement. That means you would need in excess of billions upon billions of atoms to get a 300 microgram RDA requirement. And the bottom line is that atomic particle colloidal silver solutions are beyond a doubt the safest and most effective to assimilate.​

For very serious issues: We would suggest that you take a dose of our solutions 3 to 4 times per day.
It would be safe to consume one or more tablespoons on an empty stomach. You can also add them to water, or your favorite drink.  Taking colloidal silver in this concentration floods the body with a significant amount of atomic size silver particles that are small enough to assist in eliminating harmful microorganisms.

For minor issues: We would suggest taking a dosage of between 1 teaspoon and 2 tablespoon per day.  This again, can be taken directly. It's preferable though, to take on an empty stomach to notice quicker results. 

Our solutions can also be utilized in nebulizers and inhalers without any safety concerns.  Individuals have used our colloidal silver solutions in netti pots to break up clogged nasal passages. If necessary, our colloidal silver can be heated without nullifying its effects.

For topical applications:  It is suggested to use our solutions undiluted to achieve quicker relieve from your health concerns. You can put this in a spray bottle to make it easier to apply externally. 

The colloidal silver we produce can be effectively utilized in humidifiers to assist in killing airborne pathogens.
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Understanding Atomic Particle Dosage When Compared to Nanoparticle Dosage
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