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​There are hundreds of chemical and herbal catalysts that can be used to make colloids.

Depending on the chemical or catalyst used, it will determine the color and chemical compounds produced AFTER the electrolysis process is over.  

The Low PPM Producer may tell you that they do not use chemicals, but there are other NON-Chemical means that produce toxic compounds, such as Herbal Catalysts, or Nitrogen.

Ionic Slime
You see our label to the left? Pure Means PURE!
It Clearly state NO Chemicals Used or Added!

Yes........ You Can Freeze It
Yes......... You Can heat it 
Yes ..........You Can leave it in the Sun
Yes ...........You Can expose it to UVA / UVB Rays

Not made with Cyanides
Not made with Nitrates
Not made with Fluorides
Not made with Chlorides
Not made with Toluene
Not made with Nitric Acid
Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
Not made with Mercury Compounds
Not made with Bromides or Phosphates
Not made with Chloroform (Embalming Fluid​)

Only Silver and Distilled Water.

This Colloidal Silver Atoms Product Defies All Conventional Standards that ONLY apply to Nanoparticle and Ionic Silver solutions.

So when comparing, realize that you are not comparing apples with apples.  There is nothing that can be compared to these products.

Mostly everyone knows that hydrogen peroxide is used to dye hair, but it also causes premature gray hair.

When hydrogen peroxided is ingested, it will accelerate the loss of the pigment that is required to maintain hair color, and, as a result, gray hair is produced. Many producers use hydrogen peroxide in colloidal silver as well as colloidal gold.

Hair Loss.aka HCL is used in hundreds of prescription medicines, when you read about the side effects on the label they all have one common side effect, and that is Hydrochloric Acid 

Many producers use HCL.
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Topics Discussed:​ Colloidal silver chemical reactions, chemical composition, chemical contraindications
Colloidal Silver
Most colloidal silver solutions with ionic size particles claiming to have a high PPM content look ugly with an unappealing dark color. Also, they’re foamy and slimy to the touch, which is very comparable to way soap feels.​  

Companies offering a high PPM, ionic silver solutions, often use Phosphates or Bromides to make their products. Both of these substances cause false readings when analyzed for the PPM content. 

So in actuality, you could be getting much lower PPM content that is being claimed. Something purposefully not mentioned, is both phosphates and bromides are found in numerous soap products. What this means, is that by ingesting ionic colloidal silver (that utilized phosphates or bromides to make the product), you’re essentially consuming SOAP ingredients. Ingesting colloidal silver that contains soap based ingredients is very bad for your health. 
In the image above you can see the repulsive, ugly looking chemical compound, yet many producers still claim they don’t use or have chemicals in their products.
Our products are not Ionic based Colloidal Silver solutions: 

Monatomic ions, those ions with a single atom, start of being just an atom. To be transformed into an ion, an external influence forces an atom to lose or gain a significant number of electrons. Once this occurs, the atom becomes an ion. A catalyst is necessary to produce ions. The catalytic factors that make ions are: Thermal, Electrical, Radiation and Chemical Impacts on the atoms. 

When chemical methods are used to make Ions and Nanoparticles in a solution, it causes a 
distinctive color change. The colors can vary considerably depending on what chemicals were used.

Positive and negative ions exhibit magnetic particle attraction qualities that are very similar to what is seen with magnetic fields. Either of these ions are attracted to oppositely charged ions that have a different polarity and amount of electrons.

This process also occurs in nature with thunderstorms and being nearby waterfalls. Ions are also produced by thermal, electrical, radiation and chemical processes. When chemical processes are used to make metallic ionic solutions, they attract larger particles that blend in with the chemical compounds. These compounds in solutions are unsuitable for human consumption.

High PPM of Silver ions (which are not the same as negative Ions in the air), can only be produced via a chemical process.

Silver ions are made with bromides and or phosphates; they usually have a strong brown color, and when shaken you have a foamy substance that is slimy when tasted. 

Chemical consumption is the #1 reason for the reported negative side effects. Checking for chemical content makes sense to prevent side effects; by purchasing a chemical free product, you have very little if anything to be concerned about.  
Before the arrival of Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver in 2006, Brent A. Bauer, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic reported : "...excessive doses of colloidal silver can cause possibly irreversible serious health problems, including kidney damage..." He was refering to Nanopartical and Ionic Silver which were the only type of colloids at that time. 

Why Kidney damage?

Some nanoparticles are too large and heavy to get efficiently excreted and may remain trapped in the kidneys and human tissue as has been reported by the Mayo Clinic and the FDA. This tells us that the side effects above are caused by the chemicals and heavy nanoparticles. The nanoparticles tend to stay in the stomach longerand while in digestion, the stomach acids used to break down food combine with silver nanoparticles, then dangerous chemical compounds are created and absorbed by the body.

Many Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver sellers and even DIY kit makers claim that they do not use chemicals. 

We seriously doubt that, because nanoparticles are much too heavy to stay suspended in pure distilled water. However we will give them the benefit of the doubt, and even doing so, nanoparticles still have many drawbacks that you must consider:

They are too heavy to stay suspended in the solution, which means that they may drop to the bottom of the stomach with the stomach acid. 

Gastric acid is a digestive fluid, formed in the stomach. It is composed of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) potassium chloride (KCl) and sodium chloride (NaCl).
As mentioned in other parts of our website, HCl causes premature hair loss, while Hydrogen Peroxide causes Hair to turn Gray much faster. 

Proof of this can be clearly seen in the Nanoparticle producers marketing videos on Youtube and other Social Media websites which show severe baldness or premature gray hair of the people promoting their concoctions.

Chloride Chemicals, when combined with a metallic substance such as gold or silver produce gold chloride or silver chlorides, which have been demonstrated to kill human skin cells on contact.

This means that the longer the heavy silver nanoparticles are in the stomach, the more toxic chemicals will be created internally and also assimilated by the body. 
Colloidal silver makers often claim they use purified water to make their products and solutions.  The problem is even by using Reverse Osmosis, there remains salts minerals. These can then convert to silver chloride which is a well-known chemical. 

Chemically Made Metallic Chlorides can kill cells on contact.

To clarify, Sodium Chloride (common table salt), is a relatively safe compound and the body requires a certain amount of it to maintain good health.  Yet metallic chlorides (metals bound together with the deadly element Chlorine, which is a gas), are hazardous to the body and can damage or kill cells on contact. 

While silver has many known beneficial properties, silver chloride does not.

Metallic mineral salts, like silver chloride, are electrically conductive. 

Evidence indicates that mineral salts left behind from water purification processes, helps to generate sparks from submerged electrodes utilized to make some colloidal silver products.   

New Colloidal Silver Products Made with Herbal Extracts ​

New gimmicks have developed to make Low PPM products "APPEAR" to be organic. Developers of these products use Herbal Extracts (Catalysts) which is supposed to qualify the products as being "Organic."

The problem with Herbal extracts is that they too contain salts and other minerals that WILL generate other chemical compounds once the Low PPM Electrolysis process is applied, and may also have adverse consequences.

And whatever way you look it at, the PPM is still too low, and the particles size are still very massive. 

Their products are not efficient as High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver.

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Chemicals in Colloids have Serious Side Effects
hair loss due to chemicals in colloids
premature gray hair due to chemical colloids
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There are more Negative Reports against Toxic Nanoparticle 
Colloidal Silver and NONE on Atomic Particle Colloidal Products.
  • The Blue Skin Guy, Argyria  Learn Why there is most likely 100  Million to One Chance that you could get it, why its a Genetic, and who benefits from the Scare Tactics. 
They would like you to believe that it is a typical reaction to their colloidal products, i.e.,. "Feeling Worse before you feel better." They explain that while taking their products, the viruses will release toxins and make you feel worse, but the condition is supposed to improve over time.

The Herxhiemr Side Effect:
Another notable side effect in which all Ionic and Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver Producers admit to is the Herxheimer Effect.
Herxheimer Reaction
Toxins produced in this manner are combined with the chemical residues left in the ionic and nanoparticle silver solutions. Together, these create a sudden imbalance in a person’s system when solutions like this are ingested. This, in turn, initiates the Herxheimer Reaction making the person even sicker before they get well.  

The real problem is that the Nanoparticles are NOT penetrating the pathogens and are not having a killing effect, this gives time for the viruses to release toxins and develop immunity to the Low PPM nanoparticle products.

This is why rapid penetration into pathogens is important.

We feel it’s important you clearly understand the differences between ionic, nanoparticle and atomic sized particles of silver.
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Chemicals Can Cause Unwanted Side Effects, here are just a few:
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