Chemicals Cause Color Changes in Colloids
Chemicals Cause Color Changes in Colloids
The fastest way to test your Colloidal Silver is very easy to do:

  • If you have a bottle that you cannot see through, empty the contents into a Clear Glass that you can see through.

  • Place in the Freezer and let it freeze
  • After Frozen, let it colloids thaw out
  •  You can also heat your solution on a stove for a minute or two, then let it cool

Observation of the Colloidal Silver Chemical Reactions: 

You will find that the chemicals and nanoparticles dropped to the bottom of the vessel and are rendered useless.

Remember nanoparticles need chemicals to help them float. Otherwise, they cannot stay suspended in the solution, the particles are just too heavy.

Our Colloidal Silver Atoms  are attached to the water molecules and do not need chemical help in staying suspended in the silver or gold solution.
You see our label to the left? Pure Means PURE!
It Clearly state NO Chemicals Used or Added!

Yes........ You Can Freeze It
Yes......... You Can heat it 
Yes ..........You Can leave it in the Sun
Yes ...........You Can expose it to UVA / UVB Rays

Not made with Cyanides
Not made with Nitrates
Not made with Fluorides
Not made with Chlorides
Not made with Toluene
Not made with Nitric Acid
Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
Not made with Mercury Compounds
Not made with Bromides or Phosphates
Not made with Chloroform (Embalming Fluid​)

Only Silver and Distilled Water.

This Colloidal Silver Atoms Product Defies All Conventional Standards that ONLY apply to Nanoparticle and Ionic Silver solutions.

So when comparing, realize that you are not comparing apples with apples.  There is nothing that can be compared to these products.

Testing your colloidal silver for chemicals
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Topics Discussed:​ Colloidal silver chemical reactions, chemical composition, chemical contraindications
Colloidal Silver
The FDA Reported That Nearly ALL Producers of Colloidal Silver Use
Chemicals. Chemicals Compounds Can Cause Side Effects!
Producers of low PPM colloidal silver products have to use chemicals or some kind of a catalyst to get their nanoparticles to stay suspended in the solution. Consequently, the chemicals they use gets absorbed into the body first.

When the body tries to assimilate their nanoparticles, it cannot efficiently absorb them because the particles are too large as well as heavy and have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the stomach, where a prolonged continuous chemical process takes place as the hydrochloric stomach acids try to dissolve the silver nanoparticles and further creating silver compounds in the stomach.

Also, after an extended stay in the stomach the larger particles usually excreted from the body. Upon excretion, the nanoparticles can get trapped and build up in the kidneys along with other mineral deposits. Such deposits may develop over time into kidney stones and could even cause kidney failure. A person can avoid all of these serious side effects by only ingesting chemical free atomic particle size colloidal solutions. 

Many producers of low PPM colloidal silver solutions remain in constant denial.

 It’s in their best interest to maintain the idea that it's impossible to make atomic size particles of silver; these same producers continue to immortalize this belief to protect their market share selling their inferior products.

Regardless of their views, the fact is, our company has successfully made atomic size particles of silver and has repeatedly proven this by independent laboratory verification. 

Furthermore, they continuously insult their user's intelligence by adamantly stating that they Do Not Use Chemicals when an obviously visible chemical coloration exists.  

How can they legally claim this you may ask? 

The truth is that SOME Do Not Start Out With Chemicals but End Up With Chemicals and here is why:

Some producers use natural Herbal Catalyst Extracts to help create the spark in the solution so that the nanoparticles can be created.

Herbal Compounds no matter how natural they contain salts, and other minerals that also create a colloidal chemical solution after the electrolysis process is over, which explains the reason why there is visible coloration! 

So, why they truly do not Start out with Chemicals they end up with chemicals, they just don't tell you that.

This list defines the types of Colloidal Silver Solutions to avoid:

1. Colloidal Silver solutions that exhibit any color or opaque hues in their bottles or containers are not to be trusted. Colored solutions are often found in Ionic and Nano-particle products.  Consumer beware!

2. Various colloidal silver solutions with concentrations ranging from 10 to 400 PPM, having label instructions informing you not to do certain things, or that they’re not necessary.  (See the highlighted items in 3-6 below).

3. Any colloidal silver products stating Do Not Refrigerate or No need to refrigerate should be avoided.

4. Colloidal silver solutions with instructions stating Do not expose to Sun or Ultraviolet light should be passed over and not bought or used.

5. Nano or Ionic Silver solutions with labels stating Do not expose to high heat conditions are inferior, low quality products not worth the cost they’re sold for.

6. Especially take notice of labels warning Do not apply externally to skin, it would be wise to not even touch what’s in those bottles or containers.

7. Alert consumers should also avoid colloidal silver products that are stored in dark amber bottles, opaque plastic bottles or are covered with aluminum foil for UV protection.

8. Colloidal Silver products not accurately describing their contents should be strictly avoided. One such example is: "Colloidal Silver.......10 PPM." The term Colloidal Silver is not an  isolated or separate ingredient by itself.  The use of this on a label is a purposeful misdirection by the producer to not give full disclosure of everything that’s in their product(s). 

9. Be very suspicious of any colloidal silver product that doesn’t include independent Lab Certification from a world class Environmental Testing Facility

10. Colloidal Silver kits designed so you can make your own solutions at home have limited abilities. They may inadvertently produce chemicals when used, which is undesirable and unhealthy. Silver particles produced from the electrodes of the kits are ionic or nano-sized particles. Both of these are too large for the body to assimilate and become harmful if ingested.
A special note of importance:

The largest and best Analytical Laboratories won’t tolerate dealing with dishonest companies as they’re not willing to jeopardize their reputations in the industry. Any company found falsifying or purposely misrepresenting one of their analytical reports, are barred from ever using the Lab’s analytical services again. This is the reason most companies don’t use such services because they’d be exposed and people wouldn’t want to buy their products knowing what was really in them.  
Chemical Colloids cause Hair Loss
There are probably hundreds of chemical that can be used to make colloids, if the solution has a color, then you have chemicals.
If you do not have any hair, this may not be of any concern but for those of you that do have hair and want to keep it, this is critical:

Certain Chemicals Cause Hair Loss or Premature Gray Hair, a lot of these chemicals are already in many medicines you take. However, they are also found in many colloidal silver products as reported by the FDA.

For those of you that do not have hair but want to retain your natural skin color, then, this should also be of great concern to you since chemicals can trigger a gene that causes the graying of the skin.
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