Color in Colloids depends on which chemical is used.
Chemicals In Nanoparticle products
You see our label to the left? Pure Means PURE!
It Clearly state NO Chemicals Used or Added!

Yes........ You Can Freeze It
Yes......... You Can heat it 
Yes ..........You Can leave it in the Sun
Yes ...........You Can expose it to UVA / UVB Rays

Not made with Cyanides
Not made with Nitrates
Not made with Fluorides
Not made with Chlorides
Not made with Toluene
Not made with Nitric Acid
Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
Not made with Mercury Compounds
Not made with Bromides or Phosphates
Not made with Chloroform (Embalming Fluid​)

Only Silver and Distilled Water.

This Colloidal Silver Atoms Product Defies All Conventional Standards that ONLY apply to Nanoparticle and Ionic Silver solutions.

So when comparing, realize that you are not comparing apples with apples.  There is nothing that can be compared to these products.

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Topics Discussed:​ Colloidal silver chemical reactions, chemical composition, chemical contraindications
The FDA Reported That Nearly ALL Producers of Colloidal Silver Use Chemicals
 That Cause Side Effects! Some were reported to have NO Silver Content at all..
Why Pure Colloidal Silver 3000 to 18000 PPM With Atomic Size Particles make sense:

Because other producers of colloidal silver solutions cannot make atomic size particles with the methods they currently use, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Other manufactures are unaware of the specific techniques needed. 

Our claims are backed up with a Certificate of Analysis from the world’s largest independent testing company. The analysis they conducted, clearly shows our products high PPM content while simultaneously showing that there are no chemical residues in them. Although our products appear to be just clear water, this analysis proves otherwise. 

Then there is the Pathogen Penetration factor to consider.

 "Having more Atomic Particles of Silver Micro-Bullets" means that more of these particles can attack and penetrate the pathogens they come in contact with. 
The fact is, there'res many variations of colloidal silver products in the marketplace.  Depending on what chemical or catalyst is used, will determine the color of the solution, with silver, there are cloudy somewhat clear colors, to brown and even up to dark grays. 

With Gold, there are very pretty pinks to dark purple colors.

The FDA conducted studies and found that a lot of colloidal silver producers did in fact use the chemicals noted with some even using cyanide! Here in an excerpt from their August 1999 Report:

Genuine experts in the industry will tell you that you have to look for three things:

  • The absolute Smallest Particle Size:
  • The Highest PPM of the smallest Particle Size
  • The and the absolute most chemical free product.
Knowing the chemical content of products you are going to ingest should be of great concern to you.

We are explaining These SHOCKING chemical facts about the Low PPM Producers because they want you to believe that they do not have chemicals when in fact they do.  

Sure they do not start out with chemicals, but why do they "End Up" With Chemicals? We will explain why, read on please.  
Color in Colloids depends on which chemical are used.
 What Is The Colloidal Silver Chemical Formula?

​Colloidal Silver Patent Examples and Gold solutions describing in detail the chemicals used:

 Look closely at a these 3 Patent Extracts from the European Patent Office:
The first is................. A Method for Preparing Nano Gold Solution 

Applicant: HUANG DEHUAN (CN) 
Classification: - international: B22F9/24; B22F9/16; (IPC1-7): B22F9/24 
Also published as: CN1302882C (C) 

Abstract --- The invention discloses a method of nanometer aurum solution, which includes the following processes, (1) charging chlorauric acid into deionized water, then charging polyvinyl pyrrolidonsodium dodecyl sulfate, wherein the mass concentration of the chlorauric acid, polyvinyl pyrrolidon, and sodium dodecyl sulfate being 0.01í 1/2 1.0ú, 0.02í 1/2 2.0ú and 0.0001í 1/2 1.0ú, (2) at room temperature, charging 0.01-0.5% aqueous solution of hydrazine hydrate into the miscible liquid of step (1) while agitating, when the pH reaches 6.8-7.0, ceasing the charge of hydrazine hydrate aqueous solution, continuing stirring 20-30 minutes.

.....................Take special notice of all the chemicals shown in bold in this patent................

The 2nd patent....... Chemical Preparation Method of Ag Nanoparticle 
Classification: - international: B22F9/24; B22F9/16; 

Abstract --- The invention relates to a method for preparing silver nanometer particles, wherein it is characterized in that: it uses silver nitrate or silver perchlorate as initial reactant; uses sodium oleate or linolic acid sodium as surface activator; mixing them at free ratio; uses toluenedimethylbenzene, and sub dichlorobenzene or chloroform reaction medium; in organic phase, obtaining silver nanometer particles. The invention has simple control, without preparing forward element and organic solvent with high boiling point, with low cost. The inventive silver nanometer particles can be dispersed in non-polar medium and polar medium.

The chemicals in this colloidal silver patent to make silver nanoparticles include TOLUENE a powerful solvent and CHLOROFORM which is an embalming fluid used in funeral homes. 

You can see why you want to avoid getting these toxic substances in your body.

The 3rd patent... Method for Preparing Silver Nanoparticle with Multiple Colored Liquid Phase 
Classification: - international: B22F9/24; B22F9/16; 

Abstract --- The invention relates to a method for preparing several colors of liquid silver nanometer particles, wherein said method comprises that: putting AgNO3 under alkali microwave radiation high-pressure reaction, using alcohol as reducer, with sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (anion surface activator), processing preparation; changing the solution density, to obtain different liquid silver nanometer particles. The invention has the advantages that: (1), the invention has simple process, only needs family microwave furnace; (2), the material can be obtained easily; (3), it can change solution density to prepare different color liquid silver nanometer particles; (4), the silver nanometer particles have uniform diameters and better stability. 

As you can see from the above notation in item number three, part of this patent process is to make various colored solutions with silver nanometer particles.  

The fact is that MANY companies outsource their 
colloidal silver products from China and other countries. 

How do you know what is in your Colloidal Silver Solution?

We found these Patents that describe Chemical Use including Embalming Fluid to make colloidal solutions:
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Maybe you are saying to yourself: 

"I buy my colloidal silver from a Doctor Endorsed company, yeah, it's low PPM, but they say they do not use chemicals."
We have looked into those arguments and companies that claim that they do not use chemicals and we have an explanation for that:

1.  Nanoparticles are way too heavy to stay suspended in the solution; the solution has to be "Thickened" and they do it with chemicals or "Herbal" Catalysts.

2.  While Herbal Catalysts sounds like its an Organic Product, they fail to explain to you is the reason they have weird color solutions is that Herbal Catalysts (however natural they may be) still contain, salts, minerals, and even enzymes. After the Electrolysis process is over, they still produce chemical compounds and color changes to the solution.

3.  Most of those Doctors have vested interest in the companies they promote.  

At GoldenGevity, we do not have any doctors that are investors in our business, nor paid consultants. 

The Doctors that use our products have a sincerity of heart that wants to find the best products for their patients.
There are probably hundreds of chemical that can be used to make colloids, if the solution has a color, then you have chemicals.
Colloidal Silver
Chemically Laced Colloids Are The Reasons for Hair Loss or Premature Gray Hair
Colloidal Chemical Consumption Should be Everyone's Concern
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FDA 1999 Report Proving Most Producers Use Chemicals in Colloidal Silver Products
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